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“If women only knew their true identity and beauty, nothing could stop them from changing the world”






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It's more than a a photoshoot, it's an experience that is designed to help each women see just how beautiful they truly are.



"Working with Rosetta for the RED shoot was an absolute blast. The dress was gorgeous, and my makeup looked amazing! I appreciated how concise she was when directing me to pose--no worries about looking awkward with Rosetta! If you ever want to step out of ordinary life for a day and come home with beautiful images to remind you of the fun memories from the shoot, I would highly recommend booking a session with her."


"Thank you to Rosetta Ann Photography for transforming me into a princess for a day! I really felt like one! You were a joy to create and work with. Not to mention a wonderful friend and sister to me."

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the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.


ros•et•ta ann pho•tog•ra•phy



the art and practice of creating lavish and personalized experiences that compose stunning examples of the finest art and images.

All of these definitions fall so short when describing a session with Rosetta!

My session was created by Rosetta out of a true heart of service and vision.

From the time of our initial meeting, her creation of my gown, choice of location for the shoot, the elegant tea on the shoot day, hair & makeup, and on the very day of picking up my final art piece, Rosetta had created an experience that was beautiful, memorable and filled with care.

She truly invests her heart and spirit into her clients. She sees the beauty in EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. and the result of that gift in Rosetta arise to the magnificent experiences and images she creates."

Bess Raines

Portrait Gallery


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 Rosetta Ann


I have worked as a creative photographer for over 9 years, I love creating photography that surprises the viewer and allows my clients to feel absolutely amazing!

It's not all about the art for me though, I strive to create an experience that allows everyday women to look and feel like a queen. 

My vision and hope is that through the experience I create, each and every women would have a new view and understanding of just how unique and beautiful she truly is.
A refreshed understanding of her true identity!

About Rosetta


Join our


I am so excited to bring you exclusive details on events I am planning and being a part of, photography, dress design, home DIY's, what I am learning and creating in this journey we call life... and more than any of those I want to bring encouragement, truth and help each and everyone of you walk in your true identity!


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