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"If women only knew thier true beauty and identity, Nothing could stop them from changing the world."

Custom Gowns

Each and every gown is designed or redesigned to give women an experience of beauty. To enable them to see just how beautiful and valuable they truly are. 

As women, we were designed with a desire to be beautiful...not just beautiful though, but extravagantly so. We desire to help you step into this through our (Kingdom Haute Couture) a custom gown designed for you when you purchase a Fairytale Experience with Rosetta Ann.

This allows each and every women to have a beautiful and yet unique experience while being clothed with something that is made for her that will bring out her exquisite beauty.

 All of our gowns are sewn in house and are crafted with the most beautiful fabrics, gems, feathers and more.

Your gown design is sketched at our consultation as we discuss your preferences and narrow down the design and products we will use to create it.    The possibilities are truly endless and are just waiting for your fairytale to bring them to life. 


Gown Closet

Gowns designed by Rosetta Ann

Custom Designed gowns are available for use through Rosetta Ann photography with some of the "The Experiences" available here                              

Wish to purchase a gown above or have a custom gown designed for a special occasion? Contact Rosetta Ann for details here

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