4pm on Friday,October 16th 2020


Once upon a time to come... In a land far far away,

There is a beautiful garden, chandeliers will hang in its trees, moss and flowers will lavish the tables and sofas and only the most extravagant and royal women will sip their tea behind the secrets of its walls. 

This Tea experience will lead you into a fairytale with its extravagance and whimsical feel throughout the gardens. Arrayed in your beautiful gown, you will be surrounded with hanging chandeliers, flowers and the delicate sounds of violins and cello's softly filling the gardens. You will be lavished with some of the most luxurious foods and delicious teas available during the three course tea. This fairytale will have some exciting twist and surprises so please come ready for your five senses to have an experience like none other!

We will be partnering with a handful of amazing small businesses to really bring this event to life. Every part of the experience will be expressed by one of the passionate small business owners so that each and every one of you ladies will get to taste and experience the luxuries they offer.

There will only be 100 seats available ( WOMEN ONLY) at this tea so don't wait, reserve your seat today and join us on the 16th of Oct, 2020 for A Fairytale Tea Party!

Whats  included?

  • Digital Goody Bag($150+ savings) to aid you in the preparation process (special offers, coupons and discounts from local beauty salons, jewelry shops, gowns shops and more)

  • Its a Ballgown Event(Priceless) that actually invites and requires you to be "over the top" with the gown you wear and the way you pamper yourself

  • A Three Course Tea($250+Value) Will have three courses of delicate finger foods paired with three courses of delicate teas. These courses will leave you satisfied and delighted with the varieties and flavors. The event will be fully staffed and will have delightful surprises throughout. The tea will be held in a beautiful garden with intimate seating areas ( 6-10 ladies at each sitting area), they will be made up of beautiful vintage sofas, hanging chandeliers, moss covered tables and lovely decor and more. The event will be help at a local venue ( in Albuquerque, NM) an will be for women only.   

  • Unique Gift/Favor($30+ Value) This is a special gift that each women will receive and take home to inspire her true identity ( given at the event).

  • Entered In To Win($350 Value) a mini fairytale portrait session with Rosetta Ann (Session date set after the Tea Party date).

  • A Live Stringed Quartet($30 Value) playing at the event to create a fairytale ambience.

  • Access To Professional Images($50 Value) so that you have beautiful memories of the experience for years to come. These will be taken at the tea( to receive after the day of the event).

  • A Day As A Princess(Priceless) no age limit on that offer :)

 Value & Details:

Total Value






And a chance to win Mini Fairytale portrait session with

Rosetta Ann ( $350 Value)

What will this event 

Cost Me???

I am so excited to share with you that we ARE NOT charging $510!

We wanted to create an extremely luxuries experience for women( all women) that would instill identity and help women actually know just how beautiful they truly are! Thats why we are offering all of this for less than half the price!

Your Price



ANNNDD Right now we are offering

even more savings!!!


Use promo code "Earlybird" when you purchase your ticket now through August 14th( not available after the 14th of August) for a $80 discount!   

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" A Fairytale Tea " 4pm on Friday, October the 16th( non-refundable )
Fri, Oct 16
10405 Comanche Rd NE
Oct 16, 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM MDT
10405 Comanche Rd NE, 10405 Comanche Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111, USA
“If women only knew their true identity and beauty, nothing could stop them from changing the world” - Rosetta Ann


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Question: What do I need to bring to the tea party?

Answer: The only things you will need to bring to the Tea Party is your tea cup and saucer.


Question: What do I wear to the Tea Party?

Answer: Ball gown attire is required (prom dresses, wedding gowns, special event gowns or any other gown that is over the top amazing and makes you feel like a queen)


Question: Where do I find these kinds of gowns?

Answer: We will be sending you some different businesses that offer these kinds of gowns in the "goody bag" email you will be receiving. So hang tight, we got you covered, girl.


Question: What is a three course tea?

Answer: A three course tea is where you have a separate course for your sweets, savories and scone/biscuits. There is also a unique tea paired with each course to compliment the delicate tea foods.


Question: How long is the duration of tea party?

Answers: We will be starting the experience at 4:00pm and the event will go till around 8:00pm. We suggest that you arrive at 3:30.


Question: Do you offer child care?

Answer: We understand that it can be hard to give a whole afternoon away when you have kids at home. Thats why we have childcare options available. These will be available in your "goody bag" email. 

Question: Is it just the tea or is there going to be other things going on at this event as well?

Answer: We are focusing on the tea but we have some super amazing surprises as well.

Question: Are the tickets refundable?

Answer: No, The tickets are NOT refundable.

Question: Is there an age limit?

Answer: Yes, age 13-110 are welcome.

Questions: Is this for men and women?

Answer: No, This event is strictly for women only.

For any other questions or concerns please reach to me at afairytaletea@gmail.com

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