"My experience with Rosetta was pure joy & beauty! An extravagant adventure well worth experiencing. If you want to be pampered and treated like royalty. This is the experience for You. EVERY women deserves to experience this atleast once in their lifetime. I enjoyed Every Moment. From the delicious small bites & drink. Down to the hair, makeup, & woredrobe. and my favorite part, the lovely conversation & connection made with this beautiful Creator. Rosetta strives for perfection & it is clearly seen through her skills & talents! I'm a mother of four. Ministry Leader, Entrepreneur, & Homemaker. In your everyday business sometimes you forget who you truly are & how beautifully & wonderfully created you have been made. I needed to be reminded of this. And I am eternally grateful for the opportunity."

-Ruth Camargo


Rosetta is one of the most gifted and talented people you’ll meet. Everything she does...from the gown, to the makeup to the food, to the all about love and pouring herself into the woman in front of her. Being on the other side of her camera is an experience every woman should have. I adore her and can’t wait to see what lies ahead! Rosetta...when a person loves and serves the way you do...nothing can stop the growth of purpose and opportunity! I can’t recommend Rosetta enough!

-Alicia Carter

Shooting with Rosetta was such an amazing experience! She is not only extremely talented - she made my entire ensemble AND did my makeup — but she is also so personable! I am so happy I did this shoot. My pictures came out absolutely amazing! The entire day was an experience I’ll never forget. She provided food, did my makeup, and provided someone to do my hair! She also was very specific and helped me with posing and facial expressions! Worth every penny!

-Audrie Aragon

"I've done a few posts with Rosetta and by far my favorite was what I call the "color shoot" The makeup was stunning and creative, Rosetta was very attentive to my opinions on the makeup without compromising her vision. The shoot itself was fun, it was difficult because of the New Mexico heat, but we made the harsh sunlight work in our favor and she made sure I was okay and hydrated. The photos turned out great! I felt confident and even went out to a movie in the makeup after my shoot was done. Thanks Rosetta!"


"Thank you to Rosetta Ann Photography for transforming me into a princess for a day! I really felt like one! She has such an eye for extravagance and beauty. And she really gives every shoot her everything! I couldn't believe she spent 50hrs making my dress! And the day of the shoot you are literally treated like royalty! She served a spread of delicious food and drink. She also provided a very talented hair artist to do my hair. Rosetta also did my fantastic makeup. When it was time to shoot it was such a breeze because she instructs and directs you how to pose! No modeling experience needed! It is the experience of a lifetime! And my photos are breathtaking! They literally look straight out of fairytale! 😍

And we laughed the entire day!"

-Jerrica Nicole

"Rosetta, you created a day that goes beyond just a photo shoot. Your skill and artistry, along with your joy, creativity, and continual encouragement gave me a one-of-a-kind experience. From food, makeup and hair, to exquisite gown design and fitting, you made me feel beautiful, feminine, and strong. Thank you for a lovely day I’ll not forget."

-Dara Lockett

"Rosetta was absolutely amazing, she made my daughter feel very special for the photo shoot. She was professional and listened to what we wanted. I highly recommend Rosetta Ann Photography."

-Gabrielle Gutierrez

"THANK YOU sooo much!!!

Rosetta you are a gem, you have a true gift, you are so talented and creative and I had so much fun modeling for this shoot. The way you directed this shoot made it easy for me to feel comfortable and confident. The entire experience was awesome!! Thank you!! These images turned out beautifully! You're amazingly talented."

-Danielle Trujilo