Thank you to Rosetta Ann Photography for transforming me into a princess for a day! I really felt like one! She has such an eye for extravagance and beauty. And she really gives every shoot her everything! I couldn't believe she spent 50hrs making my dress! And the day of the shoot you are literally treated like royalty! She served a spread of delicious food and drink. She also provided a very talented hair artist to do my hair. Rosetta also did my fantastic makeup. When it was time to shoot it was such a breeze because she instructs and directs you how to pose! No modeling experience needed! It is the experience of a lifetime! And my photos are breathtaking! They literally look straight out of fairytale! 😍

And we laughed the entire day!



"Shooting with Rosetta was a dream!!! From the moment I was greeted by her, I felt so comfortable and at home. Hair and makeup , provided by her, was done beautifully. As a model, she treated me with utmost care. Continually checking in with me and making sure I was okay with every detail, Rosetta made this one of the best experiences I've ever had shooting! i cannot wait to work with her again!"



"Working with Rosetta for the RED shoot was an absolute blast. The dress was gorgeous, and my makeup looked amazing! I appreciated how concise she was when directing me to pose--no worries about looking awkward with Rosetta! If you ever want to step out of ordinary life for a day and come home with beautiful images to remind you of the fun memories from the shoot, I would highly recommend booking a session with her."




"I've done a few posts with Rosetta and by far my favorite was what I call the "color shoot" The makeup was stunning and creative, Rosetta was very attentive to my opinions on the makeup without compromising her vision. The shoot itself was fun, it was difficult because of the New Mexico heat, but we made the harsh sunlight work in our favor and she made sure I was okay and hydrated. The photos turned out great! I felt confident and even went out to a movie in the makeup after my shoot was done. Thanks Rosetta!"

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"Rosetta is super personable and is very professional. She has captured some amazing moments and I love working with her."



"Rosetta, so much to say, thank you so much for always taking model shoots of me, engagement photoshoot and wedding photographer for Stephen and I, we appreciate you so much! Loved our times with you and the fun moments we shared during the photo shoots! You have amazing talents that God has given you and your make up work is always flawless! Can’t wait for more shoots with you! Love all the photos you do and edit! You’re such a loving, kind, caring, bright and beautiful person inside and out! ❤️ Love you so much!"