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Fabric Detail
Sewing Machine
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What you can expect for your session...

*Each session varies in what it includes from the items and features below*

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We sit down together and plan the vision for your session, gown and experience.

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Design stylized session and sketch gown

This is part of the pre-consulation where we talk theme, fabric and sketch out some ideas for your dress. 

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Goody box

This is a luxuries box of goodies that will help you prepare for the session and feel like a queen before the day of your shoot even comes. It is our gift to you that you will receive shortly after your pre-consultation.

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Sewing Machine


Kingdom Haute couture
custom gown & fittings

We want to bring the fairytale to life through creating a beautiful one of a kind gown that compliments your beauty and shape. This gown will be made custom to you and will be yours to take home after the session. There will be 2-3 fittings between the pre-consultation and the date of your session day to make sure your gown fits you beautifully.

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Curling Process


Professional Hair and Makeup

When you come to the studio the day of your session, your hair and makeup will be done by our team. This day is all about pampering you and creating a space that helps you feel and look amazing in every way.

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Hand crafted tea setup while getting ready

While you are getting your hair and makeup up done, you will be served a beautiful hand crafted high tea.

We cater from one of the finest tea houses around to ensure that you have an incredible and delicious experience.

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Posing Guidance throughout session

No matter the modeling experience you may or may not have. We guide each and every women through each pose to make sure she feels and looks amazing in every image.

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Closeup of camera screen
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Shooting the session

There is no pressure or rush as we have set side the whole day just for you. We will be creating multiple different looks at the location, and will capture a beautiful variety of portraits for you. 

Closeup of camera screen
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Professionally retouched

Every image we deliver will be professionally retouched and reviewed to make sure you only receive the finest and look absolutely flawless!

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Viewing session/product reveal

A couple weeks after your portraits have been taken, a viewing session will be set up so that you can see all of your beautiful images and choose what products you would like to display in your home. ( products included in various sessions)

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Usb backup 

Every session comes with a custom usb backup. It will include all of the images from the session package you choose. This will allow you have high resolution digital files for what ever you would like and also will give you a storage device to keep these images safe and secure.

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Schedule your consultation

Session packages roughly range from 4-8K

Gift or sponsor a

Give another women a life changing experience

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